2019 Waters Edge Sponsorship Package Prices

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2019 Standard Waters Edge Sponsorship Package

$45.00 – Prepaid sponsorship for a single standard (2-day) regular season event for a single competitor (racer/freestyler/flyboarder, etc.) – Sponsor will be able to download full-resolution, un-watermarked digital files of all images of a single racer that are uploaded to the website for that event. (typically 10-15 images, though often far exceeding that, depending on the number of motos, the number of classes, the weather, and other variables).These images include professional toning and editing, and special requests such as added printing and logos can often be added at no additional charge. In addition, sponsor will receive one 5 x 7, professionally printed at Pro DPI labs, on Fuji Crystal Archive Super Type PD – Professional Lustre (semi gloss) finish paper.

2019 Gold Waters Edge Sponsorship Package

$40.00 – For anyone pre-paying for three or more standard sponsorship packages at at time (either one racer for three or more events, or three or more racers for a single event), the Standard Sponsorship Package price will drop to $40, and each 5 x 7 print will be upgraded to an 8 x 10. 

2019 Champion Sponsorship Package

Standard/Gold sponsorship packages will not be available for any championship (national or world) event, any event requiring a passport, and any event lasting longer than 2 days. Currently, Waters Edge Photography is planning on attending the following non-standard events:

  • PWX National Championship – Prepaid Waters Edge Sponsorship packages for this event will be $55
  • PWX World FInals/Naples – Thursday & Friday coverage – $50, Saturday & Sunday coverage – $55, Thursday – Sunday coverage – $65 
  • Bali Freeride .- TBA
  • Singapore International Watercross Festival – TBA
  • Kings Cup – TBA


Throughout the season, I will try and offer special shoot opportunities, discounts, and sponsor-appreciation efforts.  As of now, there are two:

  • Pre-Season shoot – I will be at Fairview Lake, Orlando, on Friday, March 1, prior to the Jet Blast races hosted by TXH2O racing. I will offer still shots (we’re still looking for bikini models to join in ;~) ) action shots (buoys will be already set up and the course open) and specialty shots. There will be no shoot charge/sponsorship cost for the shoot, and digital images and prints will be available on my website at a 15% discount from standard pricing (Friday photos only).
  • Havasu Sponsor Special:  Full-resolution, un-watermarked files of any images of a racer at Body Beach during Havasu week will be available at no charge for anyone who has purchased any 2019 pre-paid sponsorship package
  • On-site prints. This one is currently in the works, but I am planning on offering quick-prints on-site at the races. They will be either 4×6 or 5×7 prints on high-lustre paper, printed on a dedicated color photo printer. Details are still being worked out. 

You knew there had to be fine print! Prepaid packages must be paid in full no later than 24 hours in advance of the start of the event. Prices after that 24-hour mark increase by 20%. Digital files and prints included in sponsorship packages are licensed for personal use only, please contact me directly for upgrades to commercial use licenses. Shipping not included for prints, must be paid at time of order. Pre-paid packages are non-refundable. If there are issues, such as motos cancelled due to marine holds, races missed due to racer issues (injury/illness/etc) or mechanical issues, or poor weather conditions causing less-than optimal shots, I will make every effort to offer alternatives or solutions; however, one of the reasons for the deep discount on pre-paid packages is to share the inherent risks of outdoor extreme sport shooting with my sponsors. If, however, Waters Edge misses one or both days of an event, full or partial refunds of sponsorship packages will be credited to sponsors. 


NOTE:  ALL Print and file prices through the gallery website online order process have not increased, they remain the same as they were for the 2018 season. 


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