PWX Battle of the Sexes

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OK.. as if i didn’t have enough crazy ideas and hairbrained projects on my Trello board that I’ve taken on.. I’ve now committed to yet another .. this one should be fun though!!!

I’ll try and keep the explanation short (HAHAHA, as if!)…. (and maybe a little backwards!)

End Result: 202 Scholarship fund(s) for new and/or youth racers to pay for race entry fees and travel expenses.

Starting Point: I will shoot for, and design, two 2020 PWX (competitive watercross.. sportwide, not tied to any tour or sanctioning body). calendars.. one featuring the sport’s female racers, one featuring the sport’s male racers. 

In Between: Calendars will go on sale (planned schedule.. before Christmas – hopefully around October 1 so that they are available for sale at both Havasu and Naples as well as online). All proceeds above and beyond expenses not covered by fundraiser sponsors will go toward a scholarship fund that will pay race entry fees and reimburse specified travel expenses for a new/youth racer in 2020. 

The Battle: whichever calendar sells more/contributes more to the scholarship fund will win bragging rights and an as-yet-to-be-specified trophy/award/prize, etc.. perhaps the losers will serve dinner to the winners at a pre-race banquet or some such thing .. to be decided down the road, but I’ll make it something worth winning, so its incentive to market your side’s calendar! 

It’s all in the details (well, ok, its not in the details YET.. but it will be): This is a brand new project, so a lot still has to be worked out.. any input and/or assistance is welcome – things that have to be decided include should there be a male and female scholarship fund, and two recipients? Should recipients be limited.. ie one scholarship recipient gets $700 worth of entry fees and travel reimbursements, if the calendars raise more than that, there will be a second/third etc scholarship recipient?. Qualifying races for scholarship funds to pay entry fees:  any recognized race.. should we specify a list beforehand? should the scholarships be for youth racers? new racers? either? any racer? (the idea, though, is attracting new people to the sport). Who choses the recipients and how are they chosen so its fair? 

How to get involved:

A) I will be choosing race photos from this season, but I will also want to arrange one or more specific photo shoots, to get individual, posed shots, cover shots, group shots, etc.. will be working on scheduling these .. probably on fridays before scheduled races or at group sites such as Markham Park. If you want to be in the calendar, let me know (not letting me know wont necessarily save you from appearing in the calendar, it just means i wont specifically look for pix of you 😛 ) 

B) Buy an ad in one of the calendars – this is for businesses or individuals .. there will be several different ad options. from back cover to banner to date square ads.. all funds from ad sales are added to the scholarship fund once expenses are covered

C) Sponsor the fundraiser: I already have one sponsor who has pledged to help cover printing and associated expenses so that that money does not have to come out of the scholarship fund.. further sponsors will be gratefully welcomed.

D) (this one is mostly for businesses) Donate items .. anything from a complete competition ski (lol ok so i dream big) to goggles to a sponsorship or sunglasses or life vest or anything else race related, that can be added to the scholarship package that will go to the scholarship recipient(s). E:  Advice!  I’m already in over my head on this one.. any help and/or advice in planning and pulling off this crazy project will be received with the utmost gratitude! 

Young boxing woman and fighter man isolated on the black backgrond. Sport concept.

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